Best Patio Heater 2018 – Reviews & Thorough Guide

For most of us, the best place in the house to unwind, catch up and entertain lies outside the house. Yes, I am talking about your patio. The perfect place for hosting guests, for chit chatting with neighbors, for unwinding and relaxing is the patio. Who wouldn’t love the idea of extending an evening with friends and family by spending leisure time on the patio? I’m sure even your favorite diner has a patio seating arrangement which is to die for. But the only thing that can kill the joy is the cold weather. Don’t let the evening chill get to you and disrupt your leisure time.

There are hundreds of amazing Patio heaters in the market and we will help you choose the right one for your space This guide is a thorough attempt to review some of the top patio heaters in the market so that you extend the day and season and soak in the scenic beauty of your surroundings. Sometimes also referred to as umbrella heaters or mushroom heaters, these heaters come in attractive shapes and designs. They use either gas or electricity as their source.

If you are still stuck with your old messy fire pit to heat your patio, poolside or garden, now is the time to switch to a cleaner option. Take a look at the top rated patio heaters to keep you warm and snug during chilly times and to add to the hospitality of your space.

Best Patio Heaters

Propane Heaters

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze

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A powerful amalgamation of performance and fine design, Fire sense hammer is definitely the most promising patio heater in the market. Complete with a beautiful dark finish, it is the treasure of any serious outdoor entertainer. It comes with an efficient piezo ignition system. 

The temperature of this unit can be adjusted very easily. Making your guests comfortable is not an uphill task anymore, thanks to Fire Sense. It is easy to assemble and customers always recommend it for its quality shipment condition. It can be wheeled around easily as per convenience. It owes its durability to the high-grade stainless steel which is used to make it and the heating grid that comes with a double mantle. It has an auto shut-off safety feature. This powerful heater delivers heat around a good 18 feet radius. Its charming blue flame can add a charm to any evening. Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze delivers unmatched performance and value. It is highly recommended.

Golden Flame XL Series

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The two words that best describe this heater would be reliable and ornamental. This unit has a wheeled base and can easily be mobilized and placed in any part of the patio. Its beautiful and stunning matte mocha finish will make you the envy of your neighbors.

It comes with a pilotless design to ensure that no fuel is wasted as can be the case with other systems that offer quick heating. It has a sturdy sand base. It is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. For people who love to keep their patio warm and welcoming this is a must buy.

AZ Patio Heaters HLDSO-WGTHG

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This pyramid shaped, bronze toned heater definitely has the best aesthetic appeal among the top rated patio heaters. It stands out for effective heating within minutes. 

Though it only heats around a radius of 5 feet, it is considered the best close proximity heater. Its wheeled base makes it easy to transport the heater to wherever the party is. The near ground part of the unit stay cool to touch and therefore, there is no chance of accidents with children or pets. It has a quartz glass tube that creates a charismatic 2 feet tall flame. It definitely adds to the beauty of the space. If you want that along with powerful proximity heating, this unit is unmatched.

Gas Heaters

Lava Heat Italia – AMAZON-138

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This is your answer to a high-quality commercial grade but a low-cost heating solution. Lava Heat Italia is a durable and powerful heating unit which is ideal for commercial spaces. Its highly efficient system powerfully disperses heat in all directions. Given its long range, it is best for open air patios.

It has an integrated ignition which is very user-friendly. Just one ignition switch is all it takes to turn this powerhouse heater on. Its safety features include auto shut off tilt valve among others. It is recommended for its durability. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its heavy duty stainless steel stands strong in the face of winds, slow, sleet, rain, and all such weather conditions.

Amazon Basics Havana Bronze

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This heater is an Amazon original and ideal for all year round heating. This heater is exceptionally powerful and delivers soothing warmth even when the temperatures dip very low. This makes it an all season heater. If you consider yourself a good host and often host parties then this heater is a must have. It will add life to your under the stars party. 

It has a sturdy base that can be filled with either water or sand. Hence, it stays put and does not tip over when strong winds blow. What makes this heater stand out is the fascinating range of features it offers. It has an excellent start up piezo ignition system and comes with a heat control knob to regulate the temperature. It has a tilt valve too. It has an aluminum exterior which makes it rust proof and it is power coated to give it a good look. The most fascinating feature is the handy wheels that give it an easy mobility. So if you want to clean the patio, you won’t have to struggle around the heater. You can simply move it and clean. It is ideal for someone who is looking for a durable option this one will go on for years.

Firewood Heater

Bellezza© Patio Heater

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Some people tend to prefer fire pits to other types of heaters due to easily available and portable fuel. If you think so too then here is a cleaner alternative to your traditional fire pits. 

Bellezza patio heater is not just a good heater it is also a great accessory to your patio, deck or garden. It has a heating column that provides heat all along its length. It stands 7 feet tall so you don’t have to worry in case you are hosting a few tall guests. It has a pagoda style top that helps spread the heat. It has a wheeled base for easy mobility along with an electronic striker switch which makes ignition super easy

Electric Heater

AZ Patio heaters Electric Patio Heater, Parasol

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Ideal for heating small spaces, this electric patio heater comes from the trusted brand AZ. No doubt you will have no complaints with the product given the excellent services provided by the customer oriented management at AZ. 

This beautiful white heater can be conveniently installed in your patio, garden or gazebo to extend your home till under the stars. Though people prefer to leave the heater installed but in areas where strong winds blow, it is better to take down the heater and shut the umbrella. AZ parasol patio heater is a very convenient model in such situations as it is easy to install and remove.

It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Made of stainless steel, this heater provides instant heating and comes with a temperature control setting. It is ideal for heating spaces up to a radius of 15 square feet. An added feature is that it is waterproof making it ideal for outdoors. It also has an anti-tilt switch. It is IP and CSA certified and comes with a one year warranty. For anyone who is looking for a pocket-friendly option, this is definitely a value for money product

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying a Patio Heater

Size and Output

An important thing to consider is the size of the area that you want the heater to heat. Patio heaters give out heat in certain proximity and do not flood the entire patio with heat. Therefore, you must choose that heater which has an output suited to your need. The market has patio heaters for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The heaters used commercially outside clubs and restaurants stand as tall as 7 to 8 feet while smaller ones can be put outside in small gardens. Table-top and wall mount models have less output and are ideal for heating smaller areas. Ceiling heaters can be installed under table umbrellas for effective heating.

Power Source

Natural gas, propane, and electricity are the three most commonly used fuel sources used in the best models of patio heaters. All three sources provide continuous warmth and are equally safe for usage. However, they have a few advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Propane: Perhaps the most common among all types of fuels used in patio heaters is propane. Its popularity as a fuel source is due to its easy availability and unparalleled mobility. A propane tank is set at the bottom of the heater and a pipeline takes it up to the burner assembly where is it burned to produce heat. Given its easy setup, it saves you the cost of professional installation. Some models also come preassembled or semi-assembled for further convenience. The only downside of this fuel source is the restocking of propane. Here is incurred an additional cost of maintaining and replacing the fuel tank.

Natural Gas: Natural gas fuelled patio heaters have the lowest operation cost. They just have to be connected to the natural gas pipeline and voila! That’s how easy it is to ensure a constant supply of fuel. All it needs is proper care and professional plumbing at the time of installation. But this is only a one-time expenditure. Once connected to the pipeline, these heaters require very little maintenance.

Electricity: The easiest, most effective and convenient fuel out of the three is electricity. The reason that it is not as popular as propane or natural gas is that it lacks the aesthetic appeal of the flame that the other two have. It is an environment-friendly option as there is zero emission. The costing ranges between that of propane and natural gas. It is low on maintenance requirement and works quickly to provide instant heating. A major advantage is that unlike propane, it can also be used in closed or partially covered spaces. It requires a one-time professional installation. However, a major drawback here is that it needs to be plugged in and that’s inconvenient for a patio heater as most outdoor spaces lack a power source.


Patio heaters come in various design options and styles. To add a touch of class to your outdoor space, they come in stainless steel to bronze to gold tones. From slender and sleek to majestic, patio heaters are available in hundreds of style options. They may be single doomed or multiple doomed. Single doomed direct heat to one area whereas, multi doomed direct heat to two or three areas. The designs can be clubbed under three general categories viz., stand-alone, table-top and mountable. The standalone models are ideal for commercial spaces as they generate large amounts of heat.​

They are also the most common type. They usually have a base that can be filled with either water or sand to avoid tipping over. Table-top variety is also known as mini floor heaters. These are ideal for small spaces. People who keep furniture in their patio can conveniently mount it on a table top and everyone seated around can enjoy a cozy evening. The mountable types are usually powered by electricity and are therefore, ideal for someone looking for a permanent heating solution. They are versatile and save room. These are also energy efficient as they usually have a timer styled in them which can be set as per convenience.​

Safety Features

It is important to look for a few essential safety features while buying patio heaters. It should ideally have an automatic shut off system so that it shuts as soon as there is sufficient heat to avoid overheating or fire hazard. Some also come with a safety tilt valve that automatically turns off the heater if the tilt is more than the required degree. A cool glass touch feature is beneficial for restaurants and for spaces that have children running around. The heater should be UL or CSA certified.

The Bottom Line

There are many good options available to choose from as per one’s preference and need. Patio heaters are low on maintenance. They are user-friendly devices and require very little effort to maintain and handle. An easy to follow instruction manual is usually provided to assist you in maintaining your unit and increasing its longevity. With a just the click of a button you can turn your heater on or off and the temperature can be adjusted to your liking. A very alluring and remarkable feature of these patio heaters is that they make absolutely no noise and run very silently.

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